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Will Drain Gobbler™ Clear a Blocked Drain?

Yes, as long as one sticks to the golden rule of drain maintenance: Manually remove and throw away obvious solids (in a safe manner) and do not allow solids to be washed down the drain.

Drainage systems are designed to dispose of wastewater as quickly as possible. They do not cater for solid materials. Blockages can be caused by many types of obstructions, including:

· Build-up of organic material – such as FOG (fat, oil & grease)

· Foreign items – such as pieces of refuse

· Plant roots and foliage.

Drain Gobbler™ bio-enzyme drain treatment biodegrades organic matter which may lead to drain blockages.

Drain Gobbler™ can biodegrade organic solids, but this usually takes too long and thus blockages cause by solids are inevitable. The table below shows how long some common solids will take to break down if left in the natural environment, where microorganisms have suitable conditions to thrive:

Vegetables 5 days–1 month

Paper 2–5 months

Cotton T-shirt 6 months

Orange peels 6 months

Tree leaves 1 year

Wool socks 1–5 years

Plastic-coated paper milk cartons 5 years

Leather shoes 25–40 years

Nylon fabric 30–40 years

Tin cans 50–100 years

Aluminium cans 80–100 years

Glass bottles 1 million years

Styrofoam cup 500 years to forever

Plastic bags 500 years to forever

Although polyethylene bags do not biodegrade, they

do photodegrade. Scientists do know that many

plastics break down into microplastics. However,

scientists are not yet sure how many centuries it takes

for plastics to completely break down and 'disappear'.

Tips for carefree drainage:

  • Scrape plates and food containers before washing them and use Dish Gobbler™ bio-enzyme dishwashing liquid.

  • Dispose of toxic products at disposal sites; this includes used oil and other chemicals.

  • Do not flush foreign items such as nappies, tampons, face wipes and cotton wool down the drain or toilet – use the bin.

  • Sweep floors before rinsing them, to remove loose dirt and small, dropped items – such as loose mop string, sweet papers, bottle tops, etc.

  • For outdoor drains, regularly clear away debris so that it is not washed down the drain.

  • Remember to clean appliance- and drain filters regularly.

  • Apply a weekly maintenance dose of Drain Gobbler™ to all drain openings, inside and outside.


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