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Timesaving Cleaning Tips for SMMEs

Small businesses often find their resources stretched. Even so, make the most of your workspace – whether remote or centralised – by following these six quick cleaning tips:

1. Declutter

Keep things in their place and avoid over-full surfaces. Rather store unused or under-utilised items out of sight until they are needed. Remember to make sure that whatever is left on show is shiny clean.

2. Clear the floor

Even if sweeping or vacuuming happens infrequently, make a point of picking up any loose debris as you move around. If your budget allows, consider purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner.

Empty the bins. Secure any loose items, such as cables, safely out of the way and make sure that items are stored in their allocated spaces.

3. Clean surfaces regularly

Keep some cloths and all-purpose cleaning sprays handy to do a quick dusting or wipe down of surfaces whenever necessary. Include your toilet areas and keep an eye on glass surfaces for any unsightly smudges.

4. Citrus scent

In 2005, Dutch researchers found that citrus smells can cause us to keep our kitchen cleaner, by subconsciously putting the idea of hygiene in our minds. Use citrus scents to evoke a feeling of cleanliness at your premises.

5. Light the way

Additional or alternative lighting can help enhance the look of a clean workspace.

6. Finishing touch

Add a bunch of flowers for a personalised touch.

By cleaning on-the-go, your workspace is likely to be inviting for both employees and visitors.


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