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The 9 Most Impactful Sustainable Behaviours

Sustainable living may seem quite overwhelming given the environmental, social and economic pressures the world is under, but small actions taken by many people can make an incredible difference. According to the Sustainable Brands - Brands for Good Initiative, these are the 9 most actionable and impactful behaviours we can adopt:

Address Climate Crisis:

1. EAT MORE PLANTS - Moderate meat consumption and consume products that support regenerative agriculture.

2. BE ENERGY SMART - Switch to renewable energy sources and conserve energy at home. When possible, ride public transportation and purchase products manufactured with renewable energy.

3. THINK DURABLE - Buy less and buy long lasting products. Reduce single-use items and purchase durable, reusable products instead of disposable ones.

Preserve Resources for Life:

4. REDUCE WATER & FOOD WASTE - Plan meals ahead, prepare smarter portions, use what you have in the fridge and compost.

5. GO CIRCULAR - Choose products made with recycled content and recycle, rent, share and buy used over new products whenever possible.

6. CHOOSE NATURE-FRIENDLY - Buy products with clean ingredients, and products that protect habitats and biodiversity.

Foster Resilient Societies:

7. SUPPORT WOMEN & GIRLS - Support causes and products that educate girls, aid better family planning and support women-owned business.

8. EXPAND EQUITY & OPPORTUNITY - Buy from brands that support inclusive and equitable products, policies and causes.

9. SHOW UP - Vote at the ballot box and with your wallet, make your voice heard and volunteer in your community.



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