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Sustainability and Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to commercial and industrial cleaning services, sustainability is about more than just reducing the cleaning company’s environmental footprint. It’s about staying relevant and competitive in the modern market. Sustainable commercial cleaning processes are no longer optional for companies. With an emphasis on cleaning for health, businesses are seeking out professional cleaning companies that have adopted more sustainable cleaning practices like using fewer harsh chemicals and reducing water waste.

With cleaning for health comes an emphasis on green cleaning, or cleaning using eco-friendly products that reduce the amount of chemicals and toxins left behind. The desire for healthier indoor air quality is coupled with a public push for organizations to be more conscious of their consumption and impact on the environment. Due to this, more companies are choosing commercial or industrial cleaning businesses that emphasize green cleaning through natural or environmentally friendly cleaning products and processes.

Here are just a few ways that commercial and industrial cleaning businesses can adopt more sustainable cleaning processes across their organization:

  • Invest in technologies that cut down on cleaning time, thus using less energy, water, and chemicals to clean.

  • Eliminate or avoid cleaning agents with harsh chemicals to reduce environmental impact and maintain healthy indoor air quality.

  • Utilize practices and equipment that cut back on noise pollution, which can impact the health of your own team.

While there is a notion that greener cleaning means higher supply and operational costs, the opposite is actually true. Sustainable cleaning practices and products can lead to significant cost savings for commercial cleaning companies. That’s because these processes help companies save money on costs associated with energy, water, chemicals, and waste. Greener cleaning products also help reduce illness and injuries to cleaning staff while cutting down on workers’ compensation costs.

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