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Say No to Bleach

Chlorine-based bleach is widely available, at low cost, which often makes it the go-to stain remover and disinfectant that companies choose.

Safety Concerns

However, bleach releases chlorine – a toxic, corrosive gas.


  • fumes irritate mucous membranes and airways and can cause damage to the lungs.

  • reacts easily with other chemicals. When mixed with acids (even innocuous acids such as vinegar) or ammonia, highly toxic fumes are released.

  • when heated, releases toxic fumes, and may produce chlorates (a strong oxidizer) which may lead to a fire or explosion.

  • should never be ingested and skin contact should be avoided.

Safer, Eco-friendly Alternatives

For whitening, brightening and stain removal, use Oxy-Stain oxygen-based stain remover. The active ingredients in Oxy-Stain combine a degreasing action with a bleaching action for added effectiveness. Oxy-Stain can be used for laundry, crockery, cutlery and on hard surfaces. It is colour-safe and will not damage cloth fibres. The by-products produced (water, oxygen and soda ash) are environmentally friendly.

For disinfecting, use Virus Gobbler™ bioflavonoid disinfectant. Virus Gobbler™ is a new generation, broad spectrum disinfectant with superior gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria killing capabilities (SANS 51276 / EN 1276 compliant and food industry safe). Recommended for: offices, institutions, hospitals, clinics, food hygiene, animal housing and farms. Unlike bleach, there is no need to rinse. Virus Gobbler™ is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-volatile and readily biodegradable.


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