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How do Bio-enzyme Cleaning Products Lower Costs?

Bio-enzyme and eco-chemical technology has been proven to cost between 30% and 50% less than traditional chemical products, while obtaining a higher level of cleanliness and hygiene.

How is this possible? Primarily due to residual cleaning. Where cleaners and sanitizers stop working shortly after application, our biotechnology keeps working for hours or days after application ensuring a cleaner, safer and more productive environment.

Micro-organisms also penetrate small crevices and cracks to eliminate dirt which conventional chemical cleaners cannot. Cleaning is less labour intensive and less time consuming.

Most bio-enzyme cleaners contain a combination of enzymes to digest all organic waste types (fat, protein, starch, etc.). This broad-spectrum enzyme production system offers wide product application, simplifying and reducing the number of cleaning products required. Fewer products mean simplified supply chain management and lower stockholding – saving you time and space.

If required, specialised cleaners can be added as a top-up. Specialised cleaners may include, for example, scale and rust removers or fat trap treatments.

Lastly, bio-enzyme products are non-toxic, readily biodegradable and easy to use. It is easy and quick to learn how to use a small range of bio-enzyme products and chemical exposure accidents are all but eliminated.


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