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Deep Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens

Food safety is critical in any commercial kitchen. While regular, daily cleaning will keep most high-contact surfaces clean, there are many places where pathogenic micro-organisms may be found, for example:

  • inside, behind and under equipment,

  • in refrigerators and storage areas,

  • on the walls, fittings, ceiling and floor,

  • in and around air ducts, kitchen hoods, fans and cooling systems, and

  • in and around grease traps, drains and other waste disposal areas.

Deep cleaning entails cleaning visible dirt as well as removing germs, which may be missed during routine cleaning.

Bio-enzyme cleaners clean and sanitise neglected areas like those listed above. Benign micro-organisms consume organic waste, effectively starving pathogens. In addition, bio-enzyme cleaners continue cleaning long after application, saving time and money.

Make sure a weekly deep clean forms part of your commercial kitchen cleaning schedule. For a longer-lasting clean, consider:

  • FG550 food safe degreaser,

  • 50 Gobbler™ all purpose cleaner,

  • Scale Gobbler™ descaling agent and rust remover (use with or without clean-in-place systems),

  • Fat Trap Gobbler™ grease trap treatment, and

  • Drain Gobbler™ drain treatment.


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