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5 Considerations for Green Cleaning During the Coronavirus Pandemic

To ensure the health and safety of employees and customers, every business needs to consider the impact of their green cleaning products and processes during the coronavirus pandemic. Things to look out for include:

  1. Using products with active ingredients that are environmentally safe, safe for humans and be able to kill the coronavirus. One does not need harsh chemicals as the novel coronavirus' lipid shell is relatively easy to break up.

  2. Using the correct application methods, together with the correct green cleaning agent dosages. Electrostatic sprayers are recommended for office areas, while foggers are better used in high-volume areas requiring a quick cleaning turnaround time.

  3. Focusing on high-touch areas and making sure product contact times are strictly adhered to. Because surface transmission related to COVID-19 is low, business cleaning plans must be developed to tackle high-risk areas.

  4. Using probiotic cleaners, which have the dual advantages of competitive exclusion (generating 'good' bacteria and killing pathogens) and residual cleaning (cleaning for a long period of time after application).

  5. Getting help. Work with suitably eco-certified suppliers to make sure your approach to cleaning is safe, sustainable and effective.


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