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Sani Gobbler(TM)

Sani Gobbler(TM)

Sani Gobbler(TM) is a breakthrough in long-term odour control in the sanitary hygiene servicing field.

A proprietary formula, developed with a synergistically operating microbe system developed for sanitary waste, ensures unmatched odour and fly larvae control for weeks' long protection. Coupled with the known benefits and powerful fragrance of natural citronella oil on a controlled slow release system, excellent sanitary hygiene is guaranteed.


    • Contract Cleaning Companies
    • Public Bathrooms & Toilets

    Please contact us to place your order.

    We will:

    1. Confirm your specific cleaning requirements and assist you to select the products best suited to clean your soils and/or waste.

    2. Confirm your details and delivery requirements.

    3. Provide you with a quote, which includes delivery.

    4. On written acceptance of the quote, provide you with a tax invoice.

    5. Upon receipt of proof of your payment, deliver your products.

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